7 Tips for Wearing Denim on Denim

a smiling woman standing against a wall wearing red sunglasses, denim jeans, and a denim jacket

Denim is a timelessly comfortable and stylish material, so we don’t blame you for wanting to replace your entire wardrobe with it. However, matching multiple pieces of denim can be tricky. Luckily here at Tractr, we specialize in anything denim and everything stylish. To avoid looking like you’re wearing an infamous Canadian Tuxedo, here are seven tips for wearing double-denim.

Break Up the Denim with Classic Pieces

Start by wearing classic pieces to break up your double-denim. A white t-shirt, dressy blazer, or heeled boots will both separate and tie your whole denim outfit together. Try wearing this Black Suede Jacket to turn your double-denim into a stylish ensemble.

Play with Colors

A light jean jacket with dark jeans is a classic and easy outfit that everyone has probably worn in their lifetime at least once. It’s known that different shades of denim can bring attention away or to certain parts of your body – a dark wash can slim your body, while a light wash will draw attention to it. By contrasting the colors of the top and lower half of your outfit, it’s not as obvious that everything is of the same material, and you can accentuate the parts of your body you love with this color play!

Mix it up with Fun Details

Another way to break up the solid denim look is to accent one part of your denim outfit. Wearing distressed denim is a perfect example. This adds interest to your outfit and takes the attention away from the fact that everything is of the same material. You can also experiment with fringes, frayed hems, and other fun details to spice up your look. Our Pearl Collar Button Down Black Shirt has cute pearl details on the sleeves that will definitely make it the star of the show!


The key to elevating your denim on denim ensemble is accessorizing. This, like the details on the denim themselves, make your outfit look like a trendy, well thought out ensemble. However, to avoid looking like a cowboy (unless that is totally your thing) try not to wear cowboy boots, large-brimmed hats, or Western belts – they can make you look more like a Wild West character than a fashionista.

Monochrome Carefully

If you do decide to wear a monochrome denim ensemble, the best way to do this is to buy matching pieces of a set from the same brand. Since brands tend to use the same materials and colorways for their collections, everything will match just right. Consider pairing our Release Hem Denim Jacket with our Crop Jeans with Slanted Fray Hem. Wearing a carefully tailored monochrome outfit will make it look more like a fashion statement, rather than sloppy.

Try Wearing Denim Skirts Instead

If the idea of wearing denim from head to toe sounds too daunting, opt to wear a denim skirt instead. Because you are wearing less material, the results are less in-your-face than if you were wearing jeans with a jean jacket. Try pairing our Destructed Denim Skirt with a pair of black booties to make the perfect fall look!

Avoid Baggy Fits

A rule of thumb is to pair slim with loose pieces. It is NOT a good idea to wear an oversized jacket with a pair of wide-fit jeans. If your whole outfit is oversized and baggy, you can easily get lost in all of the extra material, and this is going to be doubly noticeable by the fact that you’re wearing all denim. If you wear structured pieces – such as skinny fit jeans, a structured jacket, or even a body-hugging denim dress, you’ll look smart as well as casual.

Shop Our Denim Looks Online

Using these tips you can make the denim look twice as stylish! If you’re looking for more denim inspiration, shop online at Tractr Jeans. We take pride in being one of the most innovative and stylish names in denim today. We have styles for every season and every occasion, whether you’re looking to wear your double-denim for a night out or to brunch with your friends. Shop our jeans to start styling your denim on denim look today!