Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What are your plans for the day? Are you doing anything special? As always, don't forget that it's a day of love for everyone. So even if you aren't partnered with a special someone, Valentine's Day is an official day to have fun; it's all about showing your love and appreciation for those important people in your life — no matter who they are! 

Historically, Valentine's Day dates were all about getting dressed up to the nines in your fanciest outfit, with your finest jewelry and your finest makeup look, but that kind of grandeur isn't for everybody. Sometimes you're just in the mood to do something a little more casual while still maintaining an effortlessly sexy and classy look, and, believe it or not, jeans can be perfect for that!

Wearing skirts and dresses doesn't define a woman's femininity or ability to look great on a date night. What's wrong with wanting to feel comfortable as well as sexy and alluring?

Jeans might be the only attire that never goes out of style. Virtually every woman has denim in her closet. That’s why designers always look for ways to update denim styles.

Denim is a comfortable and casual material that shows up in varying ways in almost every woman's wardrobe. Who can live without their trusty denim jacket or distressed, high-rise cut-offs?

A Trendy Take on Your Old Standby Denim

If you're looking for a new look, it's time to break out something fun to get into the spirit — embroidered jeans. However, not everyone has embroidered jeans on hand. That's why we're including our current Mona jeans, which you can’t go wrong with!

No matter if your favorites are skinnies, flares, boyfriends, or regular-fit jeans, you can find interesting designs. By wearing embroidered jeans you make it easier to add a sophisticated twist to your outfit. Keep your top simple if you are wearing detailed or embellished jeans — let the jeans do the talking. 

Embroidered denim is one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. From cropped jeans to denim jackets to high-waisted shorts to mini skirts, it seems that every denim piece you spot in stores or on the runway highlights some type of embroidered embellishment. 

Of course, we don't just need February 14th to wear our embroidered jeans, but it's definitely a great excuse to wear something new and fun during the winter. It’s whimsical, and it’s currently uber-trendy. Try it yourself to add automatic style and intrigue to any casual denim look.

No matter your style, every woman will find something unique, interesting, and exciting here for her casual and everyday walks through town. You'll find lots of cool designs that can make you look different and unique. 

Choose from skinnies, boyfriends, flares, low and high-waisted designs with embroidered styles. You can pair embroidered jeans with sexy off-the-shoulder blouses, classic white shirts, simple tees, or even with sporty jackets. In other words, embroidered jeans can go with pretty much anything; all you need is to match the patterns the right way.

Embroidered denim isn’t a trend to ignore. It adds flair to every outfit and helps you put together looks that you’re excited to wear using casual, comfortable denim as your base. 

To show our love and appreciation for our customers, we’re offering 25% the entire Tractr collection. This sitewide sale is the perfect opportunity to refresh your denim collection. Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 from Tractr