How to Find High-Waisted Jeans for Your Body Type

a woman with red hair wearing a white shirt and light denim high waisted jeans

What Jeans Look Best on Your Body Type?

High-waisted jeans are so popular right now because they are ultimately flattering on every body type. However, all high-waisted jeans are not created equal. There are so many varieties of high-waisted denim, and one pair of high-waisted jeans might look great on some body types but not as flattering on others. To help you figure out how to find just the right high-waisted jeans for your body type, we have created this brief guide. Learn more about your body type and shop the Tractr denim that best suits your shape!

High Waisted Jeans for Athletic Body Type

Those with athletic body types have a straight, square body from the hips down to the legs. High-waisted pants look great on athletic body types because they create the illusion of curves. The Tractr hi-waist crop with lace insert is a great pick for athletic builds because the pockets sit a little higher and create a more “full” shape in the derrière. You can also look for denim with textured pockets to help create more curves and for an extra touch of style.

High Waisted Jeans for Apple Body Type

An apple body type is described as having more weight in the midsection than elsewhere on the body. Some people with apple body types might shy away from high waisted denim because they are afraid of the fit not being right for their midsection. However, an ultra-high waisted denim such as this pair will actually elongate the body and help avoid any unwanted folds in the middle.

an ultra high waist pair of denim jeans

High Waisted Jeans for Curvy Body Type

If you describe your body type as curvy, you probably know how hard it is to find just the right pair of jeans! Show off your curves in all the right places in our high-waisted jegging. These look like jeans but will flatter your body type while complementing every curve—and they are super comfy, too!

High Waisted Jeans for Hourglass Body Type

High waisted jeans are incredibly flattering on hourglass body types – those that have a full chest and hips but a smaller waist. Stretchy high waisted pants will be your BFF because they have a flexible waistband, but enough “give” for your butt and legs. All of our Tractr jeans have some stretch in them, but a high waisted jegging with flat pockets is the perfect option if you are looking for even more stretch.

High Waisted Jeans for Pear Body Type

People with a pear body type tend to carry weight in their lower half – hips, butt, and thighs. A bootcut or straight leg high-waist pant is very flattering on this body type. Darker washes are often more flattering than lighter washes, so keep that in mind when shopping around. Play with fun and flowy tops to complete your look and bring the eye upwards!

a pair of dark denim straight leg high waist jeans

High Waisted Jeans for Petite Body Type

Petite body types have short legs, a short torso, and are generally “petite” all-around. High waisted denim is great for these body types because it creates the illusion of a longer body. Petite body types look great in a mid-rise skinny but should avoid super wide leg denim or ultra-high waisted pieces.

High Waisted Jeans for Tall Body Type

While those with tall body types may shy away from a high waisted pant, there are actually several styles that look awesome on tall ladies! Depending on where you carry your weight, you can try out a ton of different styles and look great in all of them. Look for an inseam that will be an appropriate length for your height, and play around with some fun styles.

Shop Wide Leg Denim Today!

Whatever your body type, Tractr has a pair of jeans that will look absolutely amazing on you. Shop our collections to find the most flattering high waisted denim fit based on your specific body type, and step out in style today!