Do you feel like you’re on the constant hunt for the perfect pair of jeans? Regardless of how many pairs of jeans you have in your closet, finding the perfect pair takes practice. If you’ve ever freaked out in the fitting room when a pair of jeans you thought would look incredible ended up looking incredibly bad, you’re not alone!

Your jeans probably get more wear than any other item in your closet, which is why it’s vital to pick a pair that truly flatters you — and, more importantly, that you feel great in. It can be overwhelming sorting through an array of dark washes and high rises to find that perfect pair.

Jeans are more than just denim and there are many variables to consider when shopping for them, including fit, fabric, and price point, to name a few. There are tons of options to consider when choosing a new pair. But lots of options mean lots of decisions to make, and sometimes those choices can be overwhelming.

Consider the following tips the next time you’re shopping for denim, and see if you don’t wind up with your new fave jeans.

Find Your Rise

Over the years, we’ve seen trends come and go — high rise, low rise, and everything in between. While we love to follow trends and be as up-to-date as possible, it’s a good idea to determine what rise best complements your body type — and go from there.

Low-Rise — Sits 2" below the navel

Generally, the hip-hugging style flatters those with a short torso looking to balance out their body. These jeans make you look more proportionate by creating the illusion of a lower waistline. They’re also perfect for those who want to show off their abs while sporting a tank or a crop top. Why not try a pair that features a modern and comfy straight-leg cut?

Mid-Rise — Sits just below the navel

Sitting between the navel and hips, this is the most figure-friendly rise. It is comfortable for all body types with a little more structure around the midsection. Mid-rise jeans are also extremely compatible with just about any top length, making them a great go-to all around. If you weren’t blessed with long legs or are petite, you might want to go for a cropped pair like this one. Paired with heels (or chunky slides), these jeans will certainly elongate your legs.

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High-Rise — Sits at or above the navel

Although this fit is often viewed as "retro," in reality, it's classic. Those with athletic body types with smaller waists will love this fit. Slender, hourglass shapes also look fantastic in high-rise jeans with stretch. Generally fitted at the waist and hips, high-rise jeans also work wonders for  curvy body types like the hourglass and the pear. If you fall into either of those categories, be sure to balance the wide leg of the jeans with a tucked-in blouse or a crop top.

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Find Your Fit

Fit is an excellent way to show your unique individual style. From classic to trendy, there's no one right answer.

Skinny Jeans

Despite the name, these jeans have nothing to do with your figure — it simply means this style of jeans fits the slimmest at your ankle compared to all others. In fact, thanks to stretch denim, everyone needs a pair in their closet. Skinny jeans are best for all body types, but here's the caveat — pear and hourglass shapes look best in dark wash skinny jeans, while apple and athletic builds should try lighter washes. Skinny jeans perfectly accompany loose, oversized tops. Whether you're curvy, straight, or petite, play with the volume on top to create balance.

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Straight-Leg Jeans

In terms of fit, straight-leg jeans are more comfortable and laid-back than skinny jeans. If you have a rectangular figure, this cut will help show it off. If you’re pear- or hourglass-shaped, these jeans will nicely emphasize your curves while creating a long, straight line down the body. 

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Bootcut Jeans

This fit is a cousin to the flare and looks great with a “1.5-3” boot heel. Its more subtle wide-leg is a more modern take than their wild cousin from the 60s. Bootcut jeans are best for hourglass and pear shape body types. These jeans have major wearability and look great with easy flats and booties alike. With their universal silhouette, it’s hard to pick which top to wear.

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Flare Jeans

You don't have to go crazy wild on the bell-bottoms to appreciate how flare jeans balance out your hips and thighs. In fact, if you're petite and have short legs, you should stick to a flared hem that isn't wider than your hips that will make your legs appear longer than they are. Flared jeans are best for pear and hourglass shapes. Tip for Petites: Look for the right inseam for you — something that grazes the floor and doesn't overwhelm your frame.

By their very nature, flares run long, so look for the inseam that's right for you — then choose your heel height accordingly. Play around with proportion and either wear an oversized top or go ultra-fitted to show off your waist.

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Wide-leg jeans

Wide-leg jeans are ideal for those with rectangle or triangle body types; the exaggerated cut adds a little zip to your slim, straight legs. And if you're short, a cropped pair with a high-rise can (seemingly) boost your height. Generally, the wider the jeans, the more flattering they can be on different body types. Don't shy away from this wardrobe classic even if you don't fit those criteria. Instead, try a pair on for size.

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Determine Your Wash

There's really no wrong or right when it comes to wash — it's all about your personal preferences. Generally, darker washes are best for dressier occasions, and lighter washes are great for informal vibes. But whatever blue (or black or grey or white) is your choice.

Dark Wash

A dark wash pair of jeans is universally flattering to all shapes & sizes (and wears exceptionally well over time). Look for dark blue and black denim washes to add to your wardrobe. Make sure you wash black jeans properly so they don't fade.

Light to Medium Wash

From day to night, summer or winter — a light to medium wash is always appropriate. What are some wash tips to consider? The lighter the wash, the more casual the look. And a faded wash pairs beautifully with a light neutral top for a monochromatic look.

Colored Denim

Why not elevate a basic jean-and-tee look with a darker hue like burgundy or olive? Vibrant colors are great for warmer months.

Jeans are a wardrobe mainstay. With one-of-a-kind denim styles, Tractr has been a trendsetter in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Check out our newest styles and the season's most current trends. From classic looks to leather-inspired Ponte knits to colorful denim, there is a look you will love no matter your personal style.